What's The Goal?

In essence, Love Your Life is about providing our family members with real value. Our goal is to make your life just that much more special, by

  • Giving you free gifts and experiences on your birthday or special occasion.
  • Sending out exclusive, discounted products, offers and experiences that may usually be out of most people's price range.
  • The opportunity to discover a new small business with incredible products or services, that you may never have heard of before.
  • Offers and specials that will interest you, and no spam for the stuff that doesn't.

The More We Know - The More You Get

When you sign up with us, you have the opportunity to provide more information, such as the area you live in and your gender. Adding your interests to this allows us to make sure that we only ever send you the offers that are relevant to you. We don't want to spam you, and so it is always in your best interest to make sure your profile is updated whenever we add new special offer categories. You will receive notification emails every time we add a new section.

Meet the Founder of Love Your Life
Mark Rothschild

Love Your Life is the brainchild of Mark Rothschild, who has worked in the IT Industry for over 40 years.

Mark recognised that people from all walks of life need recognition and rewards for their achievements, whatever these may be. Making it through another year with your head held high is no mean feat! Here, at Love Your Life, we want to help people find joy in the every day.
With the clear vision and understanding that to build a first-class business, you need a first-class team, he brought specialised technologists, creative designers and other like-minded individuals into the team. With everyone in place, the goal of improving the every day lives of people everywhere became a reality


Mark's specialisation is in business process re-engineering. He has worked for organisations like IBM, ICL, Xerox and other specialised companies


Mark runs the operations involved in Love Your Life, and ensures the continued integrity of the project, its family and the suppliers partnered in this vision